Lion Fountain

General / 16 July 2014

Here’s a new personal project I did. I really enjoy working in Zbrush because
of the workflow. I considered giving up on modeling entirely after going
through 3DS Max and Maya, but ZBrush makes it enjoyable.
This piece to me is somewhat reminiscent of the 3D used in Legend of Dragoon. To me it’s such an underrated game, but it will always remain
one of my favorites.

Art link of the week: Legend of Dragoon Art

Speed Sculpt, ZBrush, 50 mins

General / 25 April 2014

So this week I did some pen and ink work, but I never got around
to uploading it. So, for whatever reason I got the urge to model
something. I looked up some Dinotopio images by James Gurney. I
loved this guys work growing up. Here’s a quick pterodactly.

ZBrush, 50 mins

Speed Sketch 4/16, Half Hour

General / 16 April 2014

        Every minute I spend working on anything other than art, it just makes
me want to work on art full time even more. I try to justify that if I did
art full time that it would kill my creativity, but it’s the other way around.
When I worked at Spawn I would still come home and work on art.
Then again, I was still in school at the time and I didn’t really have a
choice. Hope this is the first of many speed sketches to come.


Toon Render

General / 11 November 2013

This toon rendering technique is something that I’ve been wanting to mess around with for awhile.
However, I’ve always been very hesitant to use it after watching the 3D Appleseed movies.

They look terrible as far a full length animated feature is concerned and I honestly can’t figure
out why they made them in this way. For my line ofwork I pump out quick and simple games, so I need
a quick and simple pipeline. This just may be the thing I’ve been looking for. I guess we’ll see how
the customers feel about it.

Toon cowgirl

Art link: (I love this guys work)

Vector art

General / 10 October 2013

Literally hundreds of layers later and I have a finished guitar.  The vector creation process was extremely time consuming. Even as a vector it’s still not importing perfectly into flash. Sheesh! If you haven’t made vector art before, be thankful!


General / 27 August 2013

It’s been awhile since I posted. I’m going to write more in this blog soon as I’ll be traveling. But here is a pumpkin in the works. I’m going to animate a series of them for a game. Enjoy!

3D Bump

General / 03 January 2013

     The realm of 3D is so vast these days.  I’ve always thought it be interesting to be a storyboard artist.  I think in the end that would be one of the most enjoyable careers for an artist because you get to move from scene to scene quickly fleshing out and directing the story.  As it stands now I’ll spend up to 2 weeks working on a multiple landscapes or characters simultaneously because I’m stretched pretty thin these days.  But even though I’m learning so much, I’m not able to dedicate as much time to the art aspect of my job as I would like.

I don’t mind posting these pictures up here because my company canned this project and we’re moving to a 2D approach.
This is a knight concept I had been developing.  I think the high poly version looks pretty decent, but the low poly looks awful.

And as always, here’s an art link:

The Florence Academy of Art


Pushing it

General / 13 December 2012


I’ve spent the past week attempting to promote a song I’ve entered into a contest. I just wish I had more time to polish it.  I want to create art all the time and I love playing music but I also don’t want to alienate my friends any further by pushing my promo’s on them.  I know it will take financial investment on my part to reach a broader audience but I should have spent more time on the quality of the audio.  

Meanwhile at work I’m making breakthroughs in my 3D development.  On the last project I worked on the quality of the terrain was undesirable at best.  But I’m learning new techniques all the time and it will only get better from here.

I know the same will happen with my music.  The unfortunate thing is that I’m not getting paid for the music.  But that’s not why I play.  I play because I enjoy it and really no other reason.  But I want to do more with music so I’m going to take everything I can from this experience and come back even stronger!

Here’s the video again.  Any critique is welcome!

Paper Thin Walls

General / 10 December 2012

I’ve posted my artwork here over the past couple of years now, but I’m posting my submission to a music contest now.
Check it out!

I’m a 25 year old native of Pine Arizona and the youngest of 6. I grew up in the mountains cutting wood and working on a farm where I always dreamed of being in a band. When I left for college I sang for metal band called Reticent and enjoyed every minute of it. Since then many things in my life have changed forever and after some soul searching I’ve established my own sound as an acoustic artist. I’ve tried to develop the confidence to share my songs with the world and I hope that my efforts here will inspire others to do the same!


General / 22 August 2012

I’ve been working on a novel for about the past 4 years now. Only recently
have I built momentum on it again since my brother has been reviewing it for
me. I actually just finished a rewrite of the entire manuscript. Anyways, I would
love to have this thing published within the next year, whether it be done via
Amazon or a big name like Tor (dream scenario).
But while we’re on the topic though I’d like to share a link of a friend of mine
who was writing and encouraging me while I was in Japan.